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Jessica Fregni

Brooklyn, NY
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Copywriter by day, crafter by night

I'm a Brooklyn-based professional copywriter and content editor. When I'm not putting the metaphorical pen to parchment, you can find me sewing, reading, and perfecting the art of good homebrew.

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Open uri20140414 18068 4tdjbt article
Homemade Hummus Recipes | Bee's Beautiful World

The components for basic hummus are easy enough – after all, it’s just chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic at its most basic – but their particular recipe really digs down into the technique of making super creamy and smooth hummus; the kind of begs for veggies and chips to be dipped into it! The key really is the order in which you put the ingredients into the food processor, and allowing plenty of time for pulsing between each step. Lemon juice and tahini always form the basis of the hummus, in order to create a smooth and airy concoction before the chickpeas are added.

Octodad polarisgo article
'Octodad: The Dadliest Catch' Review

Released for PC on January 30th, 2014, “Octodad: The Dadliest Catch” is the much-awaited sequel to the celebrated college project and freeware indie game “Octodad.” You star as the protagonist Octodad, everyman, loyal father of a Norman Rockwell-esque nuclear family, and incidental octopus. Yes, you are an octopus in disguise as a man, and the entire game revolves around keeping that fact a secret from your family and neighbors. Are you on board?

Bravely default european box art article
First Impressions of the ‘Bravely Default’ Demo

Released in Japan and Europe late last year, and with an impending US release date of February 7th, “Bravely Default” is being hailed as a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy franchise. And I mean the old kind of Final Fantasy. Even the Japanese title of the game, “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy,” is something of a sly wink that hints that the game is a not-so-unofficial sequal to that once brilliant series.

Open uri20130809 8016 pyfy2y article
Friday Night Fun in NYC: Attend a Dazzling Burlesque Show at The Slipper Room

Going out on a Friday night in the winter requires Herculean levels of strength and perseverance to deal with wind tunnel chills, not to mention a good deal of cash. You’re defin...

Open uri20130809 24633 1pp7l7p article
4 Pro Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block

In the words of famous screenwriter John Rogers, “You can’t think yourself out of a writing block; you have to write yourself out of a thinking block.” Volumes have been written about the frustrations...

Open uri20140422 2209 126k233 article
Easy DIY Polaroid Bunting: Custom Photo Garlands Tutorial | Bee's Beautiful World

I find few things as satisfying as putting together wall art that has a truly personal touch. Why buy a random print from Target when you can easily make something that really says something about you? The crafting world has fallen hard for bunting in recent years, and although I’ve seen dozens of bunting kits sold online, I’m more given over to handmade bunting. It not only has a more authentic touch – it’s cheaper, too!

Open uri20140205 25392 1jxw97i article
Five Delicious Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Ice Cream

Sweet, creamy, and especially welcome in the middle of a hot summer day, ice cream is perhaps the quintessential dessert for Americans. Your preference of ice cream flavor was a defining feature as a kid. As an adult, ice cream is a not-so-secret comfort food at the end of a hard day of work or a bad date....

Open uri20140316 7869 2itsv5 article
Florentine School’s Top 5 Tips for Selecting a College

Spring may be the season that high school seniors happily gain their college acceptance letters, but autumn is the time that juniors must buckle down and research the colleges that they wish to apply to. The road to finding your college of choice is long and arduous, but the pay-off of enrolling into a truly fantastic university is plenty rewarding.

Open uri20130809 30138 13l7kmk article
Get Your Tapioca On: Three Must-Visit Bubble Tea Joints in NYC

From its humble beginnings in the 80s as a beverage sold in a small tea stand in Taiwan, bubble tea has become an international drinking sensation, delighting children, adults, and everyone in-between...

Open uri20130809 11810 gubw2d article
Five Tips For Adopting a Kitten in NYC

As I’ve mentioned before, adopting a kitten in this crazy city we call New York felt, at times, more difficult than adopting a child or obtaining citizenship. Don’t get me wrong – it’s certainly a gre...

Open uri20131003 21643 1llojqv article
5 Reasons Job Hunters Need a Recruitment Agency

In such a fiercely competitive job market, it can be difficult – and sadly, often futile – for job hunters to search and apply for employment opportunities on their own. Limited connections and zero feedback often leads you to an all-too familiar scenario: a dead end in the job search process.

Open uri20130809 30138 e8gbfp article
The Image of the Child: How Williamsburg Northside School’s Reggio Emilia Approach Empowers Children

When designing curricula, does the teaching style build the student, or does the child influence how the educational philosophy is formed? While many schools may view the child as a student whom needs...

Open uri20130809 11810 jszqsx article
From Einstein to Spielberg: Touro College Guides Narayan Malla to His Dream Career

Our dreams and aspirations can take us far, uprooting us from our place of birth and spiriting us towards the person we wish to become. For Narayan Malla, a graduate student of Touro College Graduate ...

Open uri20130809 30138 w8fppd article
Nirvana of Murray Hill Brings the Heat With Authentic Spicy Indian Cuisine

One of the hallmarks of an exquisite genre of food is that you can eat both vegetarian and meat-filled dishes with equal relish and delight. Likewise, a truly excellent cuisine will provide an entire ...

The Digital Opportunity For The Millennial Generation

Being a member of the Millennial Generation, computer technology and the Internet have always been present in my life. However, unlike other forms of largely static technologies, digital technology ha...