Jessica Fregni

Jessica Fregni

Brooklyn, NY

Copywriter and Editor in Brooklyn

I'm a Brooklyn-based professional copywriter and content editor. When I'm not putting the metaphorical pen to parchment, you can find me sewing, reading, and perfecting the art of good homebrew.

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Bravely default european box art article
First Impressions of the ‘Bravely Default’ Demo

Released in Japan and Europe late last year, and with an impending US release date of February 7th, “Bravely Default” is being hailed as a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy franchise. And I mean the old kind of Final Fantasy. Even the Japanese title of the game, “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy,” is something of a sly wink that hints that the game is a not-so-unofficial sequal to that once brilliant series.

Octodad polarisgo article
'Octodad: The Dadliest Catch' Review

Released for PC on January 30th, 2014, “Octodad: The Dadliest Catch” is the much-awaited sequel to the celebrated college project and freeware indie game “Octodad.” You star as the protagonist Octodad, everyman, loyal father of a Norman Rockwell-esque nuclear family, and incidental octopus. Yes, you are an octopus in disguise as a man, and the entire game revolves around keeping that fact a secret from your family and neighbors. Are you on board?

Momi4 article
Museum of the Moving Image – Astoria – Queens, NY

Although it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC, I don’t find myself making it out to Astoria very often. The only reason for this is – quite truthfully – the fact that I can’t deal with a 1 1/2 – 2 hour commute on the weekends. Also, due to the way the MTA works, the only efficient way to get into Queens from Brooklyn is through Manhattan.

It just seems insane that it takes two hours just to get to another part of the city, right? Especially a borough adjacent to your own. Insane, I tell you!

Literature lovers fall head over heels for the library hotel   midtown   hells kitchen nightlife   the library hotel collection article
Literature Lovers Fall Head Over Heels For The Library Hotel

For some people, literature is more than a pastime - it's a way of life. From the subway to the airplane, their noses are planted firmly in a book, experiencing imaged worlds and exploring through the eyes of favorite literary heroes.

12081406 10153245637818262 275962605 n article
Must-Visit Restaurants in Lake Placid, NY

One of my favorite travel traditions is my annual upstate trip with Doug. We always go upstate in September or October – just when we’re finally sick of the humidity of the city, but the whether isn’t quite cold yet downstate, we like to make the hike upstate where fall is significantly further in progress. In fact, when our leaves are barely beginning to turn, autumn’s peak foliage is already beginning to end in places like Lake Placid, NY.

Walking tours in nyc explore central park%e2%80%99s schist   midtown   hells kitchen activities   health   show me tours article
Walking Tours in NYC: Explore Central Park's Schist

Most people who plan a trip to New York City expect to be swathed in skyscrapers and busy streets, rarely experiencing bountiful nature and ancient rock structures. Yet, deep in the heart of Manhattan, tourists and locals can explore Central Park, a vast public park full of schist. Yes, schist.

Hanapic article
Sushi Bar Entrees to Cultivate the Palate

One of the blossoms of Japan's elaborate culture is the art of Nihonshoku, otherwise known as traditional or culturally-significant Japanese meals.

Open uri20130809 24633 1pp7l7p article
4 Pro Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block

In the words of famous screenwriter John Rogers, “You can’t think yourself out of a writing block; you have to write yourself out of a thinking block.” Volumes have been written about the frustrations...

Touro graduate school helps 3d animators get a career edge   flatiron   gramercy arts   culture   touro college graduate school of technology article
Touro College Helps 3D Animators Get a Career Edge

Those looking into a Masters technology degree in New York should know that 3D Animation is currently one of the fastest growing fields in technology, attracting those with artistic inclinations who wish to combine skill with technical prowess.

Celebrate indian independence week at park slope baluchi's   park slope   prospect heights restaurants   park slope baluchi's article
Celebrate Indian Independence Week at Park Slope Baluchi's

The grand holiday of Indian Independence Day on August 15th is just around the corner, and Park Slope Baluchi's invites guests to come enjoy the festivities at their Park Slope, Brooklyn location for the entire week!

Open uri20140205 25392 1jxw97i article
Five Delicious Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Ice Cream

Sweet, creamy, and especially welcome in the middle of a hot summer day, ice cream is perhaps the quintessential dessert for Americans. Your preference of ice cream flavor was a defining feature as a kid. As an adult, ice cream is a not-so-secret comfort food at the end of a hard day of work or a bad date....

Open uri20140422 2209 126k233 article
Easy DIY Polaroid Bunting: Custom Photo Garlands Tutorial | Bee's Beautiful World

I find few things as satisfying as putting together wall art that has a truly personal touch. Why buy a random print from Target when you can easily make something that really says something about you? The crafting world has fallen hard for bunting in recent years, and although I’ve seen dozens of bunting kits sold online, I’m more given over to handmade bunting. It not only has a more authentic touch – it’s cheaper, too!

Open uri20140316 7869 2itsv5 article
Florentine School’s Top 5 Tips for Selecting a College

Spring may be the season that high school seniors happily gain their college acceptance letters, but autumn is the time that juniors must buckle down and research the colleges that they wish to apply to. The road to finding your college of choice is long and arduous, but the pay-off of enrolling into a truly fantastic university is plenty rewarding.

Open uri20130809 11810 gubw2d article
Five Tips For Adopting a Kitten in NYC

As I’ve mentioned before, adopting a kitten in this crazy city we call New York felt, at times, more difficult than adopting a child or obtaining citizenship. Don’t get me wrong – it’s certainly a gre...