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Jessica Fregni

Copywriter and Editor in Brooklyn

I'm a Brooklyn-based professional copywriter and content editor. When I'm not putting the metaphorical pen to parchment, you can find me sewing, reading, and perfecting the art of good homebrew.

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Morgan morgan memphis design a wish make a wish article

Morgan & Morgan Raises $2,650 for Design-A-Wish 5K, Marking 5 Years of Support

Our office here in Memphis is proud to have taken part in the Design-A-Wish 5K on July 16 for the fifth year in a row. The office volunteered to provide water and food to help fuel up and hydrate the over 200 runners who took part in the Design-A-Wish 5K at the Pink Palace Museum. We also raised $2,650 to benefit this important cause.

Pokemongo article

Pokémon Go Safety Tips: What NOT to Do When Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon is taking the nation by storm yet again — this time in the form of an augmented reality mobile game. Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Go is designed to get players outdoors and exploring their neighborhood on foot to find pokémon and catch ‘em all.

Self driving car liability photo article

What’s Going on with Self-Driving Car Laws: What the Biggest Players Are Planning

The full implementation of self-driving cars on U.S. roadways is a goal of countless pioneering technology companies. Proponents of autonomous vehicles cite lower labor costs, safer roadways, and leisure time returned to those who spend hundreds of hours a year driving to work. However, with the advent of this autonomous technology comes concerns about regulation, safety, and liability.

Fall hazards in the workplace photo article

How to Recognize and Report Fall Hazards in Your Tavares Workplace

Last week, Tavares received a stark reminder of the importance of workplace safety and why all employees should know how to recognize and report fall hazards in their workplace. A food company employee was moving pallets of mushrooms with a forklift when the pallets began to sway. He escaped from his forklift, but the pallets fell on him before he could get away, fatally crushing him.

Red light camera alternatives article

Do Red-Light Cameras Really Reduce Accidents: A Look at Alternative Ways to Make Intersections Safer

The “Walk for Justice” event, held on Saturday, June 4, in Tampa, was a solemn reminder of the consequences of red-light runners and the need for better traffic safety. The car Angelique Cruz and her sister were traveling in was T-boned by a truck that ran a red light, resulting in serious injuries and the death of her unborn child. The driver received only a traffic ticket for the crash.

Adam brum article

Morgan & Morgan Helps Jail and Bail Fundraiser Raise $53,000 for Children with Mobility Challenges

On April 29, posting bail took on a light-hearted meaning, as Tampa Bay’s most prominent citizens – including Morgan & Morgan Attorney Adam Brum – participated in the 5th Annual Wheelchairs 4 Kids Jail and Bail Fundraiser and became “felons” for a good cause.

Elder abuse in orlando article

Elder Abuse on the Rise in Orlando: How Can It Be Stopped?

As older adults become physically and mentally frail, they require a network of family members, healthcare professionals, and other members of the community to provide care and advocate for their needs. There is perhaps no place that understands this quite as much as Florida, where seniors make up nearly 23 percent of the population – and where elder abuse cases are on the rise, like the recent case of Lillian Moses in Orange County.

Laminate floors with toxic article

Lumber Liquidators Formaldehyde Lawsuit

Our attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are investigating claims that laminate flooring from manufacturers Ark Floors, inhaus Surfaces Limited, and Eternity Floors may contain excessive, and harmful, levels of formaldehyde. These manufacturers are knowingly selling products that expose consumers to a harmful chemical.

Orlando marijuana ordinanace decriminalization article

Orlando Decriminalizes Marijuana

On Monday, May 9, Orlando joined Tampa and Volusia County in the decriminalization of marijuana possession in small amounts. Effective October 1, this marijuana ordinance will allow police officers to issue citations to residents carrying 20 grams or less of marijuana.

Amla legend relaxer injuries article

Amla Legend No-Mix Relaxer Linked to Burns and Hair Loss

The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of consumers who purchased and used SoftSheen-Carson’s Amla Legend No-Mix Relaxer. This product contains ingredients that allegedly cause injuries ranging from mild skin irritations to severe burns and hair loss. Some users who’ve never witnessed any hair loss before using the product, have even reported losing their hair in clumps.

Distracted driving accidents in floria photo article

How Could a Better Law Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents in Florida?

We may be a couple of weeks into the “100 Deadliest Days” for driving – named for the dangerous surge in accidents in the 100 days after Memorial Day – but Floridians know that distracted driving is an urgent issue all 365 days of the year for the state. As distracted driving grows more prevalent each year, Florida locals are becoming increasingly vocal in their call for a better law to prevent distracted driving.

Octodad polarisgo article

'Octodad: The Dadliest Catch' Review

Released for PC on January 30th, 2014, “Octodad: The Dadliest Catch” is the much-awaited sequel to the celebrated college project and freeware indie game “Octodad.” You star as the protagonist Octodad, everyman, loyal father of a Norman Rockwell-esque nuclear family, and incidental octopus. Yes, you are an octopus in disguise as a man, and the entire game revolves around keeping that fact a secret from your family and neighbors. Are you on board?

Lakeland students death near school safety concerns article

Lakeland Student’s Death Near School Prompts Renewed Calls for Safety Measures

Lakeland residents are coming together in an outcry against the dangerous conditions for students along Clubhouse Road, after the untimely death of George Jenkins High School student Kalen Kirk.

Florida hurricane season 2016 orlando worker safety tips article

Florida Hurricane Season 2016: How to Keep Orlando Workers Safe

Hurricane season officially begins June 1, and if predictions from the National Hurricane Center are correct, 2016 could be a rough year for residents and businesses in Orlando. For employees who work in commercial buildings near the water or areas with weak drainage systems, their employers will have to ensure this hurricane season doesn’t put them in harm’s way.

Bravely default european box art article

First Impressions of the ‘Bravely Default’ Demo

Released in Japan and Europe late last year, and with an impending US release date of February 7th, “Bravely Default” is being hailed as a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy franchise. And I mean the old kind of Final Fantasy. Even the Japanese title of the game, “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy,” is something of a sly wink that hints that the game is a not-so-unofficial sequal to that once brilliant series.