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Jessica Fregni

Copywriter and Editor in Brooklyn

I'm a Brooklyn-based professional copywriter and content editor. When I'm not writing, you can find me cooking and perfecting the art of good homebrew.

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Chipotle wage theft case photo article

The 4 Most Worrying Facts About the Chipotle Wage Theft Case

Chipotle is under fire yet again, and this time it’s not about food-borne illnesses. Nearly 10,000 workers have sued the fast food chain for alleged wage theft, and even more workers may join the lawsuit. The case brings to light some very worrying facts about the state of potential wage violations at Chipotle stores.

Brooklyn cyclist hit and run photo article

How Can Brooklyn Become Safer for Cyclists?

The sister of a cyclist killed in a car accident launched a petition this week to install a bike lane on Classon Avenue in Clinton Hill, saying the death could have been avoided if the city had installed a bike lane on that busy street.

Takata airbag lawsuit photo article

No One Suspects the Airbag: What Really Caused Your Cuts!

Car crashes happen in an instant. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to process the sequence of events that occur during a car crash. In the aftermath, victims who are injured might not know how they got their cuts and bruises, and may assume it was simply a result of the collision.

Child safety recall list photo article

The Biggest Child Safety Recalls of 2016 — So Far

his week, McDonald’s issued a mass recall of its Step It! fitness trackers and pulled the products from all U.S. and Canada stores. The recall affects 29 million Step It! products, which were given away in children’s meals. McDonald’s announced the recall after more than 70 reports of skin irritations and blisters as a result of children wearing the device. This recall is just one of many in 2016 than directly impact the safety and wellbeing of children.

Elder abuse financial scams photo article

Elder Abuse in New York: The Most Common Kinds of Financial Scams

Recently, a former home health aide was sentenced to prison after stealing several hundred thousand dollars from an elderly couple on the Upper East Side. The former aide Stephany Hernandez forged checks and made large withdrawals from the elderly woman’s account. The abuse was discovered and reported by the elderly woman’s son.

Pedestrian safety in nyc photo article

What NYC’s Plan for Improving Pedestrian Safety Means for You

After a rash of deadly left-turn crashes, the New York City Department of Transportation is listening in full-force to New Yorkers’ pleas for better pedestrian safety measures. The agency has launched a pilot program that impacts 100 of the city’s most pedestrian-hostile intersections. If successful, the pilot program has the potential to drastically change how all New Yorkers navigate their city in the future.

Pokemongo article

Pokémon Go Safety Tips: What NOT to Do When Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon is taking the nation by storm yet again — this time in the form of an augmented reality mobile game. Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Go is designed to get players outdoors and exploring their neighborhood on foot to find pokémon and catch ‘em all.

Zika scam photo article

Zika Scam Watch: How to Know Which Products Really Keep You Safe

During a public health crisis, some fraudulent retailers find a way to make a fortune by taking advantage of people’s fears. This week, the Federal Trade Commission released a statement warning consumers about questionable Zika virus protection products.

New cars with most problems photo article

Five New Car Models With The Most Problems

While there are many reasons that a consumer may purchase a new or late model vehicle, it’s often the sense of reliability that comes with purchasing a newer car that car owners seek most. It is frustrating enough to bring a new car in for unexpected repairs, so it comes as a major shock to consumers when a factory-fresh car experiences safety issues that are severe enough to warrant investigations and recalls. Some of these newer vehicles have even been the subject of national news, like the malfunctioning 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee that caused the tragic death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin in June.

Florida wildfire season st petersburg photo article

How Can St. Petersburg Residents Protect Their Property During Wildfire Season?

Nearly 80 acres of Egmont Key, an island located off the coast of St. Petersburg, were torched last week after a raging wildfire. The fire on Egmont Key was sparked by lightning and continued for several days. As Egmont Key is a Florida State Park and has no human residents, there were no injuries, but the wildfire serves as a reminder to locals of the Tampa Bay area of the risks faced during Florida wildfire season.

Carbon monoxide article

Keyless Ignition Dangers: How to Make a Useful Technology Safer for Melbourne Drivers

he daughters of a Brevard County woman were rudely awakened to the dangers of vehicles with keyless ignitions after discovering their mother had died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The woman, whose car had a keyless ignition, had accidentally left her vehicle running in her garage, filling her home with the lethal, odorless gas.

Morgan morgan memphis design a wish make a wish article

Morgan & Morgan Raises $2,650 for Design-A-Wish 5K, Marking 5 Years of Support

Our office here in Memphis is proud to have taken part in the Design-A-Wish 5K on July 16 for the fifth year in a row. The office volunteered to provide water and food to help fuel up and hydrate the over 200 runners who took part in the Design-A-Wish 5K at the Pink Palace Museum. We also raised $2,650 to benefit this important cause.

Self driving car liability photo article

What’s Going on with Self-Driving Car Laws: What the Biggest Players Are Planning

The full implementation of self-driving cars on U.S. roadways is a goal of countless pioneering technology companies. Proponents of autonomous vehicles cite lower labor costs, safer roadways, and leisure time returned to those who spend hundreds of hours a year driving to work. However, with the advent of this autonomous technology comes concerns about regulation, safety, and liability.

Fall hazards in the workplace photo article

How to Recognize and Report Fall Hazards in Your Tavares Workplace

Last week, Tavares received a stark reminder of the importance of workplace safety and why all employees should know how to recognize and report fall hazards in their workplace. A food company employee was moving pallets of mushrooms with a forklift when the pallets began to sway. He escaped from his forklift, but the pallets fell on him before he could get away, fatally crushing him.

Red light camera alternatives article

Do Red-Light Cameras Really Reduce Accidents: A Look at Alternative Ways to Make Intersections Safer

The “Walk for Justice” event, held on Saturday, June 4, in Tampa, was a solemn reminder of the consequences of red-light runners and the need for better traffic safety. The car Angelique Cruz and her sister were traveling in was T-boned by a truck that ran a red light, resulting in serious injuries and the death of her unborn child. The driver received only a traffic ticket for the crash.