Jessica Fregni

Jessica Fregni

Copywriter and Editor in Brooklyn

I'm a Brooklyn-based professional copywriter and content editor. When I'm not putting the metaphorical pen to parchment, you can find me sewing, reading, and perfecting the art of good homebrew.

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Octodad polarisgo article

'Octodad: The Dadliest Catch' Review

Released for PC on January 30th, 2014, “Octodad: The Dadliest Catch” is the much-awaited sequel to the celebrated college project and freeware indie game “Octodad.” You star as the protagonist Octodad, everyman, loyal father of a Norman Rockwell-esque nuclear family, and incidental octopus. Yes, you are an octopus in disguise as a man, and the entire game revolves around keeping that fact a secret from your family and neighbors. Are you on board?

Bravely default european box art article

First Impressions of the ‘Bravely Default’ Demo

Released in Japan and Europe late last year, and with an impending US release date of February 7th, “Bravely Default” is being hailed as a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy franchise. And I mean the old kind of Final Fantasy. Even the Japanese title of the game, “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy,” is something of a sly wink that hints that the game is a not-so-unofficial sequal to that once brilliant series.

Hiphopcandy article

Product Copywriting Example: Hip Hop Candy

Product copywriting example for an online shop specializing in cute jewelry, lotions, and accessories.

Screen shot 2016 03 22 at 12.57.19 pm article

Mobile Optimized Email Blast: TOWN Residential

An example of a mobile optimized ad for TOWN Residential.

Screen shot 2016 03 22 at 12.57.13 pm article

Mobile Ad Copy Example: TOWN Residential

An example of a mobile ad created for TOWN Residential.

Il 570xn.421022473 d6kz article

Product Copywriting Example: Oh Buzz Stitches

Stitch a quilt about everything that makes you smile. This adorable coin purse features a Japanese cotton linen hexagon quilt pattern of bright orange, red, and brown hues. A must-have for anyone who loves simple and kawaii rustic charm.

The tiny zippered coin purse is perfect for...

♥ Tiny things, like coins, hair clips, jewelry, etc. Fits standard business cards, for all of those Etsy business owners out there. Wonderful stocking stuffer!

♥ It's not only cute, but strong! Stress points at the bottom of the pouch have been double-stitched and interfacing is used for durability, strength, and shape.

Mrcjpeg article

Mark Russell Clothing: The Difference Between Off-The-Rack and Custom Clothing

The discerning gentleman is always looking for the mark of true quality in everything he invests in, whether it is a luxury apartment, a car, or his wardrobe. For some purposes it may suffice to purchase off the rack, but when it comes to career-defining meetings and maintaining a professional visage, the difference custom clothing can make is tangible.

Custom suits shirts markrussell article

Busy Professionals Refine Their Look With Mark Russell's Custom Clothing Service

If there’s one thing that lawyers, doctors, and business people can universally agree upon, it’s that there are not enough hours in the day. If a busy NYC professional can even find the time for lunch, they certainly do not want to spend it rushing to the tailor or the department store to assemble a wardrobe.

Mark Russell Clothing offers an innovative solution for the busy professional who is short on time and high in expectations. There’s no need to take the time and plan a visit to Mark Russell, as the NYC custom clothing service comes directly to the client.

Il 570xn.326783922 article

Product Copywriting Example: Oh Buzz Stitches

This fantastically elegant zipper coin purse has been sewn with a lovely blue cotton linen Japanese fabric with a design of stamps, flowers and Parisian motifs. Lined with a fetching red & white gingham cotton fabric lining, and completed with a coordinating black zipper. For anyone with travel in their heart and a love for feminine details, this pouch is for you.

Screen shot 2016 03 22 at 1.31.58 pm copy2 article

Eat What's Better For You at 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt

Life, like snacking, is all about options.

Katamari real article

Five Video Game Worlds I Want To Inhabit

As George R.R. Martin famously wrote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” While intended for literature, this quote can most definitely be applied to the realm of video games. What is a video game if not an enthralling, controllable life in a whole new world?

Img 4881 article

Good Vibes in Jersey City

Why don’t I visit New Jersey more often? Well, aside from the obvious reasons (don’t have a car, it’s pain to do via public transportation, etc), I tend to forget how vibrant and cool parts like Jersey City can be. I have a handful of friends who live there, but because I fall into that all-too-common NYC pit of never leaving your neighborhood (a habit I’ve made a resolution to break in 2016 – more on that later!) I don’t reciprocate the visits as I should.

Momi4 article

Museum of the Moving Image – Astoria – Queens, NY

Although it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC, I don’t find myself making it out to Astoria very often. The only reason for this is – quite truthfully – the fact that I can’t deal with a 1 1/2 – 2 hour commute on the weekends. Also, due to the way the MTA works, the only efficient way to get into Queens from Brooklyn is through Manhattan.

It just seems insane that it takes two hours just to get to another part of the city, right? Especially a borough adjacent to your own. Insane, I tell you!

Img 5020 3 1024x683 article

Lunar New Year 2016 in Sunset Park

I’ve gone to Lunar New Year for almost as long as I’ve lived in Brooklyn, and it is truly my favorite holiday of the city. It’s really heartening to see that Lunar New Year is now a public school holiday in NYC schools, and that people of all backgrounds really seem to enjoy taking part in it. Because really, who doesn't want to play with confetti rockets, silly string, and sparklers? Or eat delicious red bean buns?

12081406 10153245637818262 275962605 n article

Must-Visit Restaurants in Lake Placid, NY

One of my favorite travel traditions is my annual upstate trip with Doug. We always go upstate in September or October – just when we’re finally sick of the humidity of the city, but the whether isn’t quite cold yet downstate, we like to make the hike upstate where fall is significantly further in progress. In fact, when our leaves are barely beginning to turn, autumn’s peak foliage is already beginning to end in places like Lake Placid, NY.